International Competition for rehabiliting Mapo Oil Depot into a Cultural Depot Park

The story of Najido let us think about how to make relationship and how we could keep his Relationship with History, with Nature, with Human, with Place, with Time, with Scale, with Energy, waste, economy-oriented growth, developement. This park learned already from Najido about absence of Relationship. And we suggest to make this park as a place to practice a new relationship. We will learn in this park about cycle of life, accumulation of culture in daily life, cultural continuity in inter generation, history preservation as presence, maintaning of life etc. For communication material would be soil instead of oïl. Earth and garden could be the first step to practice.

  • Localisation : Séoul Mapo-gu Seongsan-dong San54 Area
  • Maitrise d’œuvre : NAMA Architecture
  • Année de réalisation : CCR (non Lauréat)
  • Surface : Gross Floor Area : 5332 m² [lanscape : 7930 m²]